Girl Sees Driver Throw Trash Bag Out Window, But An Abused Dog Is Inside!!

Melissa Steiner’s 12-year-old daughter Malory witnessed an unthinkable deed back in 2015.

“It is just disgusting. I still can’t believe somebody would do something like that,” said Melissa, of Royalton, New York.

While mowing her lawn, Malory saw a dark-colored SUV drive by and throw what at first looked like a bag of trash, then drive off.

However, something bizarre happened.

“The bag started walking down the road. I saw that it was starting to rip and it was around his neck,” Malory said.

What was inside? A small, elderly pug, whom they would nickname Teddy, had been tossed away like trash and left for dead.

“There were just flies, gnats, and the smell was just unbearable,” Melissa said.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen dogs treated like literal garbage — 13-year-old Jonathan Flatt also discovered a trash bag full of unwanted puppies.

They called the police and Teddy was turned over to Buffalo Pug and Small Breed Rescue. After a year with his foster mama, Teddy was adopted, which wasn’t such a surprise.

The pug’s story garnered thousands of followers who regularly want updates on the little guy. While one lucky family got to take Teddy home, he most definitely has an extended family around the globe.

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Source: littlethings