This Man Squeezes Dish Soap Into Toilet And It Works Like A Charm

So how the heck do you deal with a clogged toilet sans-plunger? You take some dish soap and you squeeze a generous amount into your toilet bowl. You’ll notice that the weight of the liquid will cause it to sink to the bottom of the toilet and seep into the clog, lubricating the trapway.

Then you take some hot water and carefully pour it into the toilet bowl, making sure you don’t let it overflow! With a bit of luck, the clog should start to make its way through the trapway and free itself. Hooray! Once you see the water level go down, give your toilet one more flush and your day is officially saved!

Does it sound crazy? Absolutely. There haven’t been any scientific studies that support this method but plenty of people swear by it, including fishermen and restaurant owners.

One user on the website Instructables explains why this method works:

Watch the video below for the full details and make sure you share this super handy trick with your family and friends, because when you gotta go, you gotta go