Hunter Risks Life To Grab Drowning Deer By The Antlers, Then Drags Him Through Lake..

Blake Wilson normally hunts deer for sport, but seeing one in trouble made him totally change his tune.

He was out on Lake Texoma in Texas with a friend when he saw what looked to be a pile of brush on the water.

But upon closer inspection, he realized it was alive: There was a deer drowning in the lake. His instincts kicked in, and he rushed to the middle of the lake and risked his own life, grabbing the animal by the antlers.

He struggled to get a good hold on the deer, as the animal was clearly very frightened. But once he did, he was able to drag him through the water for 20 minutes to bring him ashore.

Footage of the rescue was posted on social media, and it has been viewed thousands of times by strangers who are in awe of the daring rescue.

But it wasn’t over yet: On land, the deer was still struggling, so Blake gave him chest compressions.

After a few compressions, the deer spat up water, managed to get to his feet, and ran back into the woods. The animal was able to survive, all thanks to the compassionate hunter!

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Source: littlethings