Abandoned Puppy Is Left To Fight For Her Life. A Few Weeks Later, She Totally Transforms..

There are so many sad stories out there about abused and abandoned pets who just had bad luck when it came to their first owner.

But that doesn’t mean the helpless animals can’t get another chance, which is exactly what we see in uplifting rescue stories that fill our hearts with love.

Take this puppy-mill dog, for example, who was finally given freedom after being locked up in a cage for 12 years.

In this video, posted on November 7, 2016, we meet an 11-week-old pup that also got a second chance at happiness. The scared girl was abandoned on the side of the road, suffering from skin problems that were quite obvious.

But once she was taken in and given the proper care, it was only a matter of time before this pup started feeling much better.

Vets treated her irritated and glaring red skin, and also gave her the proper care and love she needed to thrive. And in just a few weeks, this young dog was looking as good as new — you could hardly even recognize her!

These stories are so important because they remind us of the many creatures out there who need our help, and that it’s our duty to take care of them when no one else does!

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Video credit: Soi Dog Foundation.

Warning: This video contains graphic content that may not be suitable for all viewers.