2 Cops Abandon Meals At Golden Corral After Getting A Call. Then Woman Notices Food Is Untouched..

First responders, like cops, EMTs, and firefighters, abandon everything as soon as they get a call. This can be more taxing than most of us can ever imagine. This means leaving parties, birthdays, and meals at a moment’s notice, and even missing out on making important memories with friends and family.

A Golden Corral customer, a woman named Brittany Davis, got a firsthand view of this while she was dining with some friends. She saw two sheriff’s deputies walk into the restaurant, already tense and on their phones.

They got their food from the buffet and sat down.

As soon as they did, their radios went off: it was time to respond to a call about shots fired in a nearby neighborhood. They rushed out of the restaurant, their plates untouched.

Brittany witnessed all this and felt a sense of awe and thankfulness. She posted a photo of the empty seat and untouched meals on Facebook, commenting that not many people would willingly abandon their dinners to help total strangers.

She continued, “I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to our officers. Thank you for the missed meals. Thank you for the sleepless nights. Thank you for the family time you’ve sacrificed. Most importantly, thank you for serving and protecting. You truly are everyday heroes.”

Now, the photo has gone viral, and people are chiming in to thank all the first responders they know!

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Photo source: Facebook / Brittany Davis / Twitter / Poughkeepsie Journal