Town Allows Residents To Pay For Parking Tickets With Canned Foods And It’s Wiping Out Hunger..

Nobody likes to get a parking ticket. There is no way to fight them and win, and frequently they seem arbitrary, right? Plus, who has the time to go down to city hall to fight a twenty dollar nuisance ticket?

But one Virginia town is doing something a little different with their parking ticket program, and we think it is just about the best idea City Hall has had in a long time.

The town of Strasburg Virginia has created a new option for people who have parking tickets that actually makes sense, and will definitely make a difference to the Shenandoah county community.

From now through the end of the year, the Strasburg Police Department is asking people who receive parking tickets to pay, not with money, but with canned food items. In a brilliant move that actually will make a difference, the police department will toss your parking ticket in exchange for ten canned food items. All canned food items will be donated to a local charity, Compassion Cupboard, that runs a food bank for families in need.

The Strasburg Police posted the following message on their Facebook site on Monday:

“Pay parking tickets with canned food items!
Strasburg Police Department will accept 10 canned food items in exchange for payment on a parking ticket from now until December 31, 2016. The canned food will be donated to the Compassion Cupboard of Strasburg.”

So far people within the community have responded overwhelmingly positively to this new policy. But the news has spread far and wide, thanks to social media, and now people are commenting on this from every corner of the internet.

“I have to say this is one of the most incredible ideas! I’ve always considered most tickets just another way to collect taxes. This way a ticket turns into a blessing for someone. Congratulations to my Hometown and I hope it catches on everywhere,”-Gregory A. Palmer.

“Such a fantastic response to a very prevalent need in our community, thank you Strasburg PD!”- Alexis Mathias.
“Wow I don’t live in Strasburg but this is awesome. I really believe that all towns should do this once a year it would help out the food pantries so much,”- Becky Alger.

“Awesome. This is a great way to help those that need. Maybe other police departments should try this to fill up their food banks once a year. Congratulations”- Diane Davis

“i’ll look for an illegal parking spot this week. Way to go guys, this is just awesome”- Dan Knapp
“Oh my God!! I get parking tickets all the time. I love this idea!!”- Annie Dempsey Davidov
“This is one of the many reasons why I’ll always support the thin blue line.”- Jessica Sowers

Of Course, The Strasburg Police Department wants people to know that you do not have to receive a parking ticket to donate canned food items to their drive. You can simply go to the police station, park in a legally designated parking spot, and deliver as many cans for the food bank as you’d like.

Have you ever heard of a town doing something so awesome? Please share your stories with us here.

Source: awm