Five Orphaned Kids Get Stunning Adoption News!!

It was a heartbreaking tragedy. Josh Griebel and his wife, Monica, died during a horrific car accident. The mom and dad left behind their children. The good news is, in the wake of the terrible accident, the Griebel children had tons of family members rally around them. Adults in the family worked together to figure out what would happen to the five siblings, aged 16 months to 13 years old.

Some family members were willing to take only some, but not all, of the kids. It was only Dave and Rebecca Sickler, the kids’ aunt and uncle, who were willing to take in all five children, even with two kids of their own. Months after the accident, the adoption was finalized by a judge (who even let each child strike his gravel). The children were ecstatic as they all jumped for joy in the courthouse. Anyone who has adopted a child or tried to knows the process isn’t easy — this was a massive victory for the family.

“We’re very relieved and very thankful for all of the support the community’s given us,” Dave told WISN. “We couldn’t be happier at this moment.”

Each of the children will keep their last names to honor their parents’ memory.

“This is a really, really good day,” one of the siblings, Madison said. “I know that my mom and dad wanted this to happen. I’m so happy that it’s finally here.”

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Source: WISN 12 News